The Executive Physical
Beyond your annual physical

Pioneering the delivery of personalized medicine through revolutionary technology and customized programs.

The Difference is How We Think

From superphysicals to custom programs, we have the tools to advance longevity by making your DNA biologically younger.

Customized Plans

Reversing disease one client at a time. No two people are alike; we identify your unique needs and create long term programs to treat and prevent diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, memory, and sexual health. Proactive treatments to increase oxygenation, enhance repair, and prevent disease, so you can feel your best.

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Preventative Care

“Good Doctors Diagnose Disease, Very Good Doctors Treat Disease, The Best Doctors Prevent Disease”
– Chinese Proverb

Addressing disease on a molecular level. Turning off signals to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more.

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Concierge Services

Be part of a select clientele. Membership guarantees personalized service, ample time, and convenience for you and your family. One on one interaction to better understand the issues, deliver exceptional care, and provide peace of mind. Same day appointments; virtual visits; house calls and more.

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"Since I found Dr Habib I haven't taken a day off work or needed antibiotics; before that I'd get sick at least four times a year two of which I might have needed antibiotics."

− TB (Bethesda MD)

"In the hospital with a blood sugar of over 500, I was told that I'd always need insulin. Now I'm off of insulin and I'm only on one pill for my diabetes."

− LK (Ashburn VA)

"The blood test alerted me to sensitivities to food and coloring. Once I eliminated them my headaches disappeared."

− AA ( Bethesda MD)