Programs Based on Your Unique DNA, Biomarkers, Harmful Signals

Heart Health

The #1 Killer.

Two-thirds of heart attack patients have normal cholesterol.

Establishes quality over quantity of cholesterol.
Analyses the molecular size of the risky cholesterol.
Identifies inflammation in the coronary arteries.
Programs to change lifestyle, medical foods, reduce weight, implement science based natural therapies.

Next Health’s goal is to improve bad outcome.
Medication alone can only improve outcome by 25%.
It’s no wonder the CDC recommends lifestyle changes as the #1 way to control cholesterol and heart disease

Medicine is extremely successful at lowering the quantity of cholesterol; however, only lifestyle has proven to alter the quality of cholesterol.
Let Next Health help you implement a plan to negotiate your way around the 75% where medicine alone cannot help.

Cancer Prevention Program

Cancer can only grow when your mechanism to control it has been breached. That being, the immune system can be burdened by poor sleep, stress, poor diet, environmental exposure, etc. Although there are few direct cause and effects in cancers, there are several facts that exist. For example, low folic acid and inflammatory bowel disease increase the likelihood of colon cancer. Smoking causes lung cancer, and obesity itself increases the occurrence of many cancers. Using the TK-1 test, we measure the enzymes released when cells divide rapidly as cancer begins or when it recurs. Cancers are also much more prevalent after the age of 50. By measuring your Telomere, one can identify your precise DNA age and how fast you are aging. Next Health pursues as many avenues to detect weaknesses in the immune system and numerous tools to bolster the immune system.

Diabetes Prevention Program

By the time diabetes is diagnosed, doctors know that abnormal sugars may have been present 5 years in advance. Up to 30% of your insulin could be depleted by then. While controlling diabetes is essential at preventing complications, abnormal sugars or pre diabetes are responsible for signals that turn on inflammation, leading to numerous common diseases. Abnormal signals can lead to poor cognition, heart attack, a compromised immune system, etc. Next Health has the tools to diagnose diabetes 5-10 years in advance, evaluate the amount of insulin reserves, and turn off harmful signals. Specific physician grade nutraceuticals as well as lifestyle programs can be used to prevent and treat diabetes.

P – Preserve your insulin and prevent diabetes
T – Turn off your inflammation signal
R – Rebuild your reserves

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

In a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and supplementation are not enough. IV vitamins are an incredible option to support the intricate workings of the body. Wouldn’t it be great to have options to deal with chronic, difficult, and debilitating conditions? It’s not uncommon for people to suffer with chronic mono, chronic fatigue, recurrent infections, recurrent inflammation symptoms, chronic tendinitis, slow recovery from injuries, etc. Based on a sophisticated blood test your intracellular nutrient level can be measured — revealing deficiencies or suboptimal levels. Based on your individualized analysis, Next Health can work out a wholesome food guide, nutraceutical grade vitamin supplementation, and targeted intravenous vitamin therapy.

Immune Boosting Program

Seeing too many infections – sinuses, ears, lungs, throat, skin? Seeing too many allergies, rashes, asthma, inflammatory bowel, or autoimmune diseases – thyroid, lupus, rheumatoid? Hoping not to see cancer? Whether you see the immune system at work or not, it’s operating 24/7. At Next Health, we’ll identify immune challenges, establish your toxic load score, identify inflammatory triggers and implement strategies to improve overall symptoms. The ultimate goal is to maintain a robust immune system so as to never see cancer, infection, inflammation, or autoimmune diseases.

B – Balance the immune system, measure the toxic load, and evaluate the immune reserves
N – Neutralize the immune stressor
R – Repair and Rejuvenate the immune system

Detox Program

Could toxicity be holding back your mental edge, weight loss, sexual health, or poor digestion? Toxins can interfere with and alter essential signals for normal organ and hormonal function. By removing artificial flavors and chemical substances from your diet, you’re helping prepare your body to live a healthier and more natural lifestyles.